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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 21, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> definitely not. >> rain in the forecast. late season storm brought about a foot of snow to the sierra yesterday and there's more to come today. boy, looking at the radar and satellite you can see the system spinning over the rockies that will spin out a few showers through the day. keep in mind while we have gray skies they will be with us into the afternoon hours and see the rain making its way towards eureka and eventually spread into the bay area. spotty showers now developing across monterrey and east bay. it will be warm, days where it stays gray all day long. a few peeks of sunshine. we will be at 61 degrees for san francisco, 62 east bay and 66 for the south bay. that will be our warmest spot. tomorrow the showers chief out and we'll see more sunshine but another chance of rain as we move towards the next seven days. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >> the roller coaster continues. >> oh, yes. >> stay tuned, anthony, thanks. we have continuing coverage this morning of the turmoil at
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city hall in san francisco. we're hearing from the interim police chief and the frisco five. they're the protesters who were instrumental in the sfpds shakeup that led to greg suhr's resignation. mayor lee mets which his newly acted appointed chief toney chaplin but unrest and bitterness from the outside. critics of mayor lee are taking steps to begin a recall effort and filed a notice of intention to circulate a petition with the department of elections. we spoke with one person who fought for the removal of scheef suhr who says she and her supporters will fight for the mayor's recall. >> i will do anything in my power to see that will happen. he has failed the city of san francisco. >> mayor lee's critics are citing the housing crisis, worsening problem with homelessness and scandals in the police department as reasons to have the mayor recalled. here's what happens next. the paperwork was submitted at 3:00 yesterday afternoon.
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san francisco's elections director was not in the office so every petition has to be reviewed to see if it meets election code and if it does, the recall effort can begin. in many ways this is classic san francisco politics. we've seen it for decades. plenty of people upset greg suhr was forced out that includes a man who knows the demands and politics of the job very well. >> is it really what you want to do, focusing on the one man than the issues? you know, there's a lot of issues involved in a success police department. crime control is one of them. we have a fairly high crime rate now. >> tony whom you heard of, was police chief in the early 1990s and now an assistant professor and director of the criminal justice institute at ucsf. we now know the name of the woman killed in the deadly police shooting that led to chief suhr's resignation. the san francisco chief medical
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examiner says 29-year-old jessica williams died at the hospital. a 17-year veteran sppds shot williams on thursday. by the sergeant's account williams crashed a car and drove and reversed and drove forward multiple times in an attempt to drive away. the officer told investigators she feared she would hit him or his fellow officer and he was forced to shoot. new this morning in the east bay, firefighters are still on scene of a large fire that gutted several businesses. this happened near the intersection of mcarthur avenue and 73rd street in oakland that ignited just after 1:00 this morning. fire officials say as many as seven businesses have been destroyed. crews say they believe the fire began in a metro pcs store and quickly spread to other stores. it there are no reports of injuries. >> oh, my god. this is terrible. >> a frightening and emotional
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friday night for people in fairfield. after they were evacuated from their homes, many families are now assessing the damage of a four alarm fire. it happened around 3:45 yesterday afternoon in a neighborhood near fairfield high school. you can see the smoke three miles away on i-80. crews say it was a fire that was raging out of control because of the strong wind the bay area saw the last few days. 15 homes were evacuated. we're told one is completely destroyed. another suffered major damage. >> i sat here and watched it and recorded it and everything. you saw these trees burning and it traveled into the houses and backyard. >> we have a storm front in the area so we have unique wind conditions, swirling winds, we got word it's raining and hailing in dixon up the road and we had high winds and heat here in fairfield and dealing with unique weather no one homeowner tells us the fire started near his backyard where he says the homeless camp out. officials are still investigating the exact cause of
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the fire. and the wind that fueled that fire caused trouble elsewhere. this is video of a tree that fell on to power lines in sonoma county. it brought down the power lines about 6:00 last night that knocked out power to 140 pg&e customers in that area. we continue to follow developments in the crash of flight 804 which vanished as it was headed from paris to cry ro. the egyptian military released debris found after the flight crashed into the mediterranean sea on thursday. search crews continue to scour for further wreckage including the plane's black boxes which could provide vital clues as to why the jetliner crashed. this morning investigators are questioning whether a fire or an explosion sent the plane spiraling out of control. the aircraft transmitted a message in its final moments showing that sensors from a window in the cockpit went off at the same time a smoke sensor
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in the forward lavatory went off. one minute later sensors detected smoke in the avionics compartment as well as problems with the controls. the plane plummeted and fell off radar shortly afterwards. there are two main theories, sudden fire or electrical failure or explosion. >> if it's an insider and he put a device if it was somebody who had knowledge and put it in an area that could be close to a fuel line, or some other area they knew it would be c catastrophic that's troubling. >> 66 people were on board the plane. all are believed dead. back here in california, the family of a little boy on life support has a little more time to find a new hospital willing to treat him. doctors declared 2-year-old israel systemson brain dead after an asthma attack kept his brain from receiving oxygen for 40 minutes. according to a court order kaiser permanente in roseville would have ended life support for the toddler yesterday.
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but he remains on life support this morning because a san francisco federal appeals court prevented the hospital from pulling the plug. his parents and supporters have until monday to convince the court they have a new hospital willing to treat the 2-year-old. >> it means we still have more time to pretty much -- they're not going to be in any rush to pull the plug. >> until monday basically to get everything together. it seems like, you know, the judge has given us more time. >> in a statement kaiser permanente says coat we will continue to work to facilitate the family's request to transfer israel to another facility if another placement is identified. after years of delays and legal maneuvering the trial for sierra lamar's accused killer is scheduled to begin monday. he is charged with kid mapping napping and murdering the teenager. she left her home headed for high school but never made it on the bus that day in 2012.
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monday's trial start date is still in question, though. one of the defense attorneys involved in the trial is involved in another case so the judge may decide to delay again. it is 7:08 right now. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, nearly 30 years after a bay area woman's home was broken into, she now has a piece of jewelry back in her possession. we'll tell you the unexpected way it was found and returned. plus -- >> i would have done it cheaper. i really would have done it cheaper. >> couple friends over. >> couple friends over. >> state money used to move a statute just 90 feet and wait until you hear how much it cost.
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you're watching "today in the bay." shy of 7:11 on saturday morning. wear looking at cloudy skies over san jose. the bay area will be seeing rain
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today, showers if you can believe it. it's 90 degrees this past week and another cool down on the way. in 1846. >> tom fall lon is one of those historic people here in san jose and played a lot in terms of the history and evolution here in san jose. >> this as the historical house a block away from the statute. crews spent their day adding the touches on the statute's new home only a few feet from its old perch. video of the move given to us by the construction company. the city needed to move the statute piece by piece to make way for a new development. the cost to move the statute a
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few feet, reports have it at roughly $100,000. >> they paid $100,000 to move it from here to there. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: some say they would not have given the green light. >> worth $100,000 to move? >> i would have done it cheaper. i would have done it cheaper. >> couple friends over. >> couple friends over. i offered -- we offered to pick him up and move him ourselves. >> reporter: remains controversy because he raised the american flag when california was still a part of in echo. the reason this statute is not in a more visible part of town. now captain fall lon has a new home after his expensive 90 foot journey. nbc bay area news. >> much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up the search is finally over for a piece of jewelry missing 26 years after it was stolen. we'll tell you how the owner got it back. and this morning waking up to showers across parts of the
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bay area. gray skies and windy conditions will continue through the weekend. we're back to break down your weekend forecast coming up when "today in the bay" returns.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> it is 7:15 and a live look at cloudy skies over sunol. meteorologist anthony slaughter says the gray skies will stay with us today and expect showers, if you can believe that, windy conditions as well. now to a mystery for 26 years an east bay woman's home was robbed in 1990 and her jewelry stolen. it didn't go far. "today in the bay's" elyse curbner has the story. >> i was eight months pregnant. they wouldn't fit anymore. >> reporter: joanne caruso remembers it like yesterday. >> 1990, so it's 26 years. yeah. >> reporter: and the resident came home to find her house broken into, her jewelry including her wedding ring and
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graduation ring were taken. >> the police had said that everything was probably pawned and i wouldn't be seeing anything returned to me. >> reporter: it all changed when she got a call from concord high saying someone had found her 1983 graduation ring with her name engraved inside. >> she was gardening she said and she digging up and all of a sudden saw this gold in there. >> reporter: an elderly woman who lives in this home it tells joanne she found it in her garden. we hoped to talk to her ourselves but got no answer. also a few questions still lingering. >> it is odd. >> reporter: she doesn't quite understand it but says she is happy to have a piece of her past back. >> it's a symbol of high school. you don't get that back. but now i do. >> reporter: elyse kushner, nbc bay area news. >> we take you now to the sierra where it appears to be winter. snowy conditions on i-80 headed to lake tahoe or reno, many
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drivers didn't bring chains because it's may so they had to wait it out last night. these conditions caused a few crashes and spinouts. look at that. >> i don't know. it's bad. this is really, really bad out there right now. >> how bad is the backup? >> yeah. i was in backup when i first started the road said i was going to be in reno at about 3:18 and now an estimated time of about 4:50. so i'm turning back around and going back. >> oh, man. this storm is unusual in that it's not dumping snow at the summit but instead snowing at a lower elevation. so with that in mind let's check in with anthony slaughter with a look at our weekend forecast. >> yes. snow levels to 5,000 feet believe it or not in may. >> in may. >> almost june. >> we will be seeing more of this towards the next few days and not done just yet. just getting started. showers haven't made their way in. cloudy skies but we will see rain across the bay today. not all day rain but some scattered showers. do want to show you the
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satellite and radar because you can see the system spinning from space that big area of low pressure spinning. see there, right across the rockies and we're getting a little bit of rain now making its way towards eureka and for us in the bay area it won't be until about noon when we start to see the showers intensify but not going to be an all day rain, very spotty, hit and miss and light stuff. not anything more than 0.1 of an inch. 50s across the bay area. 56 in the south bay. 56 as well in the east bay and 55 in san francisco and highs today aren't going to move much, 61 for today. and again, showers are expected across the entire bay area from the north bay down into the south bay and again very spotty hit and miss. not all day rain. as we put the future cast into motion want to show you what we're tracking again around 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, we will see spotty rain across the east bay, same for the north bay and san francisco. by noon that's when i think we will have the best chance of seeing anything heavy and again,
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we're not talking widespread heavy rain. a few pockets where we see some heavier showers like in the north bay. same deal for the coastline and san francisco. may see pop-up showers by noon and this evening things clear out and we will eventually see in this dry out for tomorrow few areas of drizzle but by the afternoon they will see more sunshine tomorrow but still stay chilly. again, not much. this is a computer estimate of how much we're thinking over the next 12 to 24 hours and only gives us about maybe a tenth of an inch at most. not a huge rainmaker. you will notice the cloud cover will be with us. we're also tracking more snow believe it or not. they picked up a foot of snow yesterday in tahoe, king veil another couple inches through the day today. not a huge snow maker, at least now that we've gotten into this back end of the system. so as this thing continues to make its way out of the region another passing shower on and off through the day and tomorrow may break out into sunshine.
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monday another chance of rain across higher elevation, same for the north bay, after monday things will start to clear out. we have another trough to our north that's going to dig in for next weekend. our temperatures don't warm up like they have been over the past couple weeks. we're going to stay cool this upcoming week through wednesday. you will notice that temperature trend does keep us in the 60s and 70s east bay valley and san jose and san francisco will see showers again for today, clearing out for tomorrow, but it will stay mostly cloudy and then again the next chance of rain for monday. overall it's going to stay cool and cloudy. we talk about it all the time in the bay area. the may gray and june gloom and we're getting it today, tomorrow and even for monday. i don't think it will be until tuesday until we start to clear out and warm up. >> back to you. >> we've been warned. i will have my rain coat tonight when i go out. thanks. still ahead on "today in the bay" -- she thinks it's more important to listen more and talk less. we will introduce you to a woman who does just that to help
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others. bay area proud is coming up next.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> how many of you have your phone with you right now in your hand looking at it while you watch this news cast? a san francisco therapist thinks our tech addiction is robbing us of something important and wants to give it back for free. "today in the bay's" garvin thomas explains in this morning's bay area proud. >> traci says as long as she can remember she was always the person who sensed when people needed someone to talk to, and was there for them. only later in life did she realize that's a job. it's called therapist. she has loved doing it for her clients for years but thinks there's something she can now do for the rest of us. >> amid the never ending bustle that is a big city like san francisco, it can be hard for as
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voice to be heard. >> how is it going? >> reporter: not because of too much noise, mind you. >> want to sit down and talk and tell your story? >> reporter: too little listening. at least that's how traci sees it. >> you have to not talk, you have to stop talking. i have to stop talking and i have to listen and ask questions. >> reporter: it was two years ago that traci and another licensed therapist decided their listening skills could do good for more than just their patients. they could do a little something to help all of us. one nonspoken word at a time. >> what i want to give everybody else is a personal sense of belonging, the moment of time when somebody walks down the street and wonder, does anyone even care that i'm alive? does anyone even care what i'm thinking? >> with me i'm about human interaction. >> reporter: sidewalk talk what the idea has become. traci and her volunteers set up chairs on the street every month around san francisco, any pa
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passerby is welcome to take a load off their feet and mind. >> i started film school and realized i wasn't a film major. >> i wish therapy was more accessible to people. >> reporter: no judgment passed. >> when people see us on the street they will not expect any interaction. >> traci believes the more we connect with each other through technology, the less of a need we feel to connect personally. >> we're listening to people. >> even those who don't stop traci thinks get something out of the deal. >> that's all right. >> their story must be worth something they must think. if someone is willing to hear it for nothing. traci held the first sidewalk talk a year ago and it's proven pretty successful. it spread to other cities and their last outing traci had 48 volunteers in different parts of
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san francisco. helping her listen. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. if you know of someone doing something nice for others, garvin would love to hear from you. please, go to our website and search bay area proud. and we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, a big change to food labels. what they'll look like and how it can help all of us eat better. plus we'll tell you about a car that thieves love to steal over and over again in san francisco and why the owner says the situation has become almost comiccle.
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from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> it is 7:28 on your saturday morning. boy, if that's not enough of a reason to stay in bed, i don't know what is. cloudy skies as we look towards
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san francisco from emeryville on a chilly weekend towards the end of may. good morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. anthony slaughter has a look at the microclimate forecast forecast. >> makes you scratch your head what day, what time of year? >> may 21st. >> yeah. talking rain showers in the bay area. >> wow. >> this is great news. >> yeah. >> it's the time of year when we start talking about fires. >> right. >> we're not getting lightning out of this. keep that in mind. we will give you plain old rain which is excellent news. we make our way closer to june. we have showers to the north right now, going to spread into the bay area as we head through i the day. around noon the best chance of seeing widespread rain but it's going to be hit and miss. not everybody will see the rain at the same time. kind of all over the bay area. 61 degrees at san francisco later on today. 64 for wine country. same for the peninsula and south bay. you will be at 66. stays cool, it stays gray, cloudy and showers through the day. probably a good day to stay inside and knock out some of the
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house chores. >> yeah. >> oh, yeah. >> tomorrow more sun. we'll talk about that in about 15 minutes. >> stay tuned. something tells me this is the one day of the weekend you won't be at the beach. >> maybe. >> i might still find a reason. >> okay. we'll check in with you later. thanks. >> yeah. >> we have continuing coverage of the turmoil at city hall in san francisco. we're hearing from the interim police chief and frisco five, the protesters instrumental in the sfpd shakeup that eventually led to chief suhr's resignation. mayor ed lee yesterday met with his newly appointed acting chief toney chaplin but there was more unrest and bitterness from the outside. krits ibs of mayor lee are taking steps to begin a recall effort and filed a notice of intention to circulate a recall petition with the department of elections. we spoke with one who fought for the removal of chief suhr and she and her supporters will fight for the mayor's recall. >> i will do anything in my power to see that will happen because he has failed the city
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of san francisco. >> mayor lee's critics are fighting the housing crisis, a worsening problem with homelessness and scandals in the pleptsz as reasons to have the mayor recalled. the paperwork submitted at 3:00 yesterday afternoon. san francisco's elections director was not in the office, every petition has to be reviewed to see if it meets election code and if it does, the recall effort can begin. we know the name of the woman killed in the deadly police shooting that led to chief suhr's resignation. the san francisco chief medical examiner says 29-year-old jessica williams died at the hospital. a 17-year veteran of sfpd, a sergeant, in fact, so the williams in the bayview district on thursday. by the sar gebts's account williams crashed the stolen car and then reversed and drove forward multiple times in an attempt to drive away from the crash. the officer told investigators
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he feared she would hit him or his fellow officer and he was forced to shoot. >> it's a challenging time for police departments across the bay area. shakeups, skapdsles and budget problems have hampered many cities but that didn't dampen the spirits in oakland where the police force welcomed 43 new officers yesterday. chief shawn wenz reminded the recruits they will be held to the highest standard. and the new officers tell us they realized they're starting their careers already under public scrutiny. >> not letting it define us but be the exception and work through it and excel and get to a place where the community can respect us where we can build that trust with the community. >> it's challenging but it's also a lot of potential for growth. we just have to stay on our toes and remember why we came here in the first place. >> the officers spent the last 27 weeks training. new this morning, in the east bay, firefighters are still
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on scene of a large fire that gutted several businesses early this morning. it happened near the intersection of mcarthur and 73rd street in oakland. the fire ignited just after 1:00 a.m. fire officials say as many as seven businesses have been destroyed. crews say they believe the fire began in the metro pcs store and spread to the other stores. there are no reports of injuries. happening today more than 200 patients at san francisco general are being moved to the hospital's new facility. the patients will be loaded on to gurionry ins for the trip across the bridge that connects the old and the new facilities later this morning. and this is a live look at the new hospital. it is named the priscilla chan and mark zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center. the powerhouse couple donated $75 million to sf general. she is either the luckiest or the unluckiest woman in san
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francisco. her car has been stolen four times, but it's also been returned four times. she's still smiling but the sfpd has advice for her. raj has the story. >> i always come you outside and check to make sure it's there. oftentimes it's not there. >> reporter: her friends call it boomerang. >> this is my '97 honda civic. >> reporter: my ka's silver honda has been stolen four times but also returned four times. >> it's been stolen in the city in san francisco three times and probably broken into three or four times i would say. can't even keep count anymore. the first time i was actually pretty upset. >> reporter: this week the 97 civic came back for the fourth time the police found it less than a mile from her home. >> now it's kind of funny to me. mildly inconvenient. figure out where it is. >> reporter: one time she tracked down the car using an
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app on her smartphones. the thieves dumped it a couple blocks away without damage. >> stealing the car simply to joy ride, drive around town and tear up the vehicle and just, you know, do doughnuts and stuff like that. >> reporter: the bay area has one of the nation's highest rates of car thefts especially in the city where more than 1300 cars have been stolen so far this year. thieves usually target the older models because well, they're easier to break into. >> those are easy cars. all you need is a fork. >> reporter: they told her to prevent her car from being stole an fifth time simply get a new one. but it's not easy to trade in an old friend. >> funny because i feel it keeps coming back to me. >> that was raj reporting. the sfpd tells us car thefts are down this year because of smart keys. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up the giants have been the hottest team in baseball riding an eight hp game winning streak but could they beat the team with the best record in baseball. we'll show you next. this is a live look at the sap
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center. it will be at the center otheockey universtoday welcome back. it is 7:28. a live look at the sap center. it will be at the center of the hockey universe today for a nationally televised game between the sharks and the st. louis blues. san jose looks to take a three game to one lead in the western conference finals and move another step closer to their first stanley cup finals appearance. take note, it's a bit of an odd time. the puck drops at 4:15 and you can see that game right here on nbc bay area. and turning now to a game you could also only see here on nbc bay area last night. world's colliding at at&t park hottest team in baseball versus the team with the best record in the league. the giants look to make it nine wins in a row, taking on the cubs. bottom of the first, bad omen, denard span hits it into triples
7:39 am
alley, but jason heyward makes the diving catch. that is how this one would go for san francisco. top of the second, chicago's chris bryant crushes a three-run homer to left. the cubs snap the giants' eight-game win streak and they win 8-1. across the bay, the a's taking on the yankees at the coliseum on fireworks night and unfortunately take a look at that unfortunately for the green and gold, the yankees brought their own fireworks. the bronx bombers explode on oakland, 8-3. and we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, your groceries are about to change. we have the major make-over planned for nutritional labels. >> and this morning we're tracking windy conditions along with gray skies and rain for the bay area today. and it's a going to be one of those days you may want to stay inside with the cool temperatures and more rain ahead in that seven day. we'll talk about the forecast after this break.
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welcome back. 7:41 the time. the shot from our satellite and radar because you can see where we're tracking rain on this saturday morning. not just the typical gray skies we're used to but these gray skies will be with us all day long as the rain pulls from the north bay and eventually across the bay area as we head towards lunch time. the rain now and eventually by lunch it will be over the bay and tonight it clears out. it's going to be a quick moving system for us and it's not going to produce a lot of rain. you will notice the rainfall amounts when i show you really minor. right now temperatures in the 50s most of the bay area, 50 for the north bay, san francisco you'll be at 61 later this afternoon, 64 for the north bay and same deal for the peninsula and 66 the south bay. you will notice showers are expected across every microclimate today because we are expecting the system to move the and then eventually move out tonight. for today keep those umbrellas handy and keep in mind it's going to be a cool gray day most
7:43 am
of the day. 11:00, the showers pushing from the north bay, san francisco the peninsula and even east and south bay will be when we the best chance of seeing widespread rain and few pockets of showers into the afternoon before we eventually clear things out towards tomorrow. rainfall amounts again, not impressive at all. we're only talking about maybe a tenth of an inch and that would be the highest amount of rain that we would see with this system. it's really moisture starved so we're not going to see rain with it or snow. in fact, yesterday, the snowfall amounts it rains from 6 to 12 inches from 5,000 feet up so they're expecting about another couple inches across the sierra today before the system finally winds down. so as we put the future cast into motion the first system this is going to get out of here towards monday and see another spotty chance of rain for monday as well and then for tuesday ands whand wednesday another system dives south and, in fact, temperatures don't move much over the next couple days. notice san jose 66 today, 74
7:44 am
tomorrow and eventually back into the low 70s by tuesday and wednesday. same deal for the east bay valley. notice even san francisco, today, tomorrow, really going to stay cool, even for monday, tuesday and wednesday. we're talking low 60s at the coastline, so not the best beach weather over the next couple days and do keep in mind while we have the chance of rain in the forecast today, we'll also have another chance of rain for monday. mostly at the coastline and for the north bay. i think san jose will stay dry on monday and lead us to tuesday and wednesday where we see things dry out. again, it's going to stay cool and may gray holds on tight to the bay area. back over to you. >> anthony, thanks. it is 7:44 and much more ahead on "today in the bay" coming up -- >> does that makes sense to you? >> it's not for me to make sense of it. it is what the law requires us to do. >> we discover a loophole that allows restaurants across san francisco to wipe clean some of their dirtiest secrets. what you need to know before making your next dinner reservation. we have breaking news out of
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antioch contra costa firefighters e battng an apartment fe we have breaking news out of antioch. contra costa firefighters battling an apartment fire on lone tree way and five apartments are currently up in smoke. and we will bring you updates on now to our investigative unit who have discovered a loophole that allows some restaurants to hide their previous violations from their customers. these are the kinds of secrets you want to know about before
7:48 am
taking your first bite. our reporter has the exclusive story. >> reporter: if we are what we eat then we have some disturbing details to tell you about tonight. it has to do with state and local laws designed to protect restaurant owners. that may now be hurting restaurant customers. dining out in san francisco is more than just gluten-free menus and hard to get reservations. it's also a hobby. a weekly one for foodie tommy ma. he enjoys strolling through the city to find his next favorite spot. there was one restaurant that still leaves him with a bad taste in his mouth. >> this kind of thing could happen to me as anybody. >> reporter: stopped by the restaurant in san francisco's diamond heights neighborhood. but it wasn't long before he lost his appetite. he says it all started with a pot of tea. >> drank a couple cups and then like the third or fourth cup i
7:49 am
see this thing moving in there. it's a little small cockroach. >> reporter: his story echos what city health inspectors have caught on camera at that restaurant time and time again. records reveal repeated high risk violation and unsanitary conditions including at least four cockroach infestations. inspectors found cockroaches on top of what were supposed to be clean utensils and plates. in fact, violation records we obtained showed the city ordered the restaurant at this location to shut down at least seven times in just three years. >> why would the city allow it to keep reopening? >> because it is their due process. we have a process they have to go through. >> reporter: stephanie heads san francisco's department of environmental health which ov oversees inspections for 7400 restaurants and caterers in san francisco. the city only has 30 field inspectors. she says if a restaurant is forced to close because of health violations her team requires employees at the
7:50 am
restaurant to undergo training and make visible improvements in order to reopen. >> we are trying to break that cycle with them. >> you may be trying but doesn't seem to be working. >> well again, we have to go through the process, field the case. this place may be closed again. i don't know. >> reporter: our investigation led us to a bigger discovery, a little known loophole that allows restaurants across san francisco to wipe clean some of their dirtiest secrets. the city's website consumers can look up a restaurant's inspection history. but we discovered those violation records can essentially be removed so you can't see them on-line. take all season restaurant. while that's long been the name on the sign, the restaurant changed its name on city documents to harbor villa more than a year ago and over the years ownership also changed on city paperwork and by law the city says that change in ownership requires that a restaurant's old inspection record be removed from the city's website.
7:51 am
in 2014, the restaurant listed brand new owners. but those owners still worked for the same corporation. and last year there was new ownership again. this time the corporation name did change from sc sc hx u to scluang but the two officers stayed the same. >> so if the city knew it's the same people running that restaurant why would it allow it to wipe away their history of violation? >> if i owned a restaurant again, and you bought it, should my poor history follow you? >> but these aren't different owners. it's the same people. >> but the incorporation is different. >> wouldn't you want to know if you were about to eat at a restaurant that was considered so dirty, the city was forced to shut it down? >> um, i think a majority of people in san francisco don't think about those things. >> reporter: so the city's website says the restaurant was only forced to close twice
7:52 am
instead of seven times. but to find those violations you to search for harbor villa even though the restaurant's sign says all season that name doesn't exist anymore on the data base. the restaurant's current owners did not want to comment on our story. >> do you have any idea how many other restaurants may be taking advantage of this loophole? >> many restaurants do. >> reporter: wehowed our findings to san francisco supervisor jane kim who chairs the board's committee on public safety. >> since nbc has alerted us to this loophole our office will be working with the department of public health to help create more specific rules. we shouldn't be able to wipe them out by paying a couple hundred dollars in fees to the city or change your company name. >> reporter: but for now it remains a loophole, one that tommy believes is pretty hard to swallow. >> i'm just getting worried. i mean, if one restaurant can do that who knows how many more can
7:53 am
be like that. >> reporter: according to the city you can still get the last five years worth of violation records for any restaurant, regardless of ownership changes, by submitting a public records request to city government. that, of course, can take days. a much easier process would be to check the city's website. but if the restaurant changed owners that on-line record gets erased. guys? back to you. >> thank you. a new look for labels at the grocery store. the first lady made the announcement yesterday at a nutrition summit in washington saying the labels on the back of food and drinks are aimed at helping us lead a healthy life. most everything is being updated number of calories will be larger and bolder print and a new line will tell us how much sugar has been added. the changes will be made over the next two years. and happening right now, the lone remaining external fuel tank from nasa's space shuttle program is taking a slow ride across los angeles to the
7:54 am
science center where it will be on display with space shuttle endeavor. the caravan is limited to a top speed of five miles per hour. the tank is expected to reach its destination around 7:30 tonight and it will then be joined to endeavor at the museum's air and space center. 7:54 more ahead on "today in the bay," coming up our friends from pets in need are here. stay tuned.
7:55 am
7:56 am
you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back. this morning some special guests from pets in need, alex dra is here with two kittens. happy to have you back. a hill hiatus while we got our new set done. you have two kittens with you because you're flooded with kittens like a lot of shelters. >> completely full of kittens right now. we have no space to rescue any more at the moment. >> and so you would think okay, you need space, you need to
7:57 am
adopt them out, but a lot of them are too young. >> they're way too young like these guys, only five weeks old. they're generally not able to be adopted until eight weeks old. we need foster families to take them in. >> foster families. so people who are concerned, kittens, these kittens are so little, for example, they don't need to all be bottle fed, some can eat on their own. >> about four weeks they can start eating on their own. if you happen to [ inaudible ] you can leave them especially if you have a couple like this to keep each other company. all they need is a spare bathroom or bedroom or corner of a laundry room or something and pretty good to go. >> you say it's okay if someone has pets, other pets. >> yeah. generally if your dog or something gets along with cats they tend to like being around these kittens. if not just keep them separate in a bathroom or something. >> quickly before we go, why is this time of year so dangerous for kittens? >> so we call this time kitten season when cats tend to mate
7:58 am
and shelters are flooded with kittens. now until october. every shelter will be inundated with kittens. >> if anyone out there can foster these babies, please go to their website, pets in to find out more. those are really cute kittens. i would be holding one if i weren't so allergic. they are adorable. alexandria, thank you so much for coming in. with both of those babies. and thanks to you for making us a part of your morning. more local news tonight including a post-stanley cup playoff news cast at 7:00, that game is at 4:15. and then it's nbc bay area news at 11:00 and then get your news all day on thanks for joining us. we hope you have a great saturday.
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